Here are some reviews by previous and ongoing clients;


I recently attended this course and it was fantastic. Michael  was extremely helpful and his approach put me at ease straight away. He really knows his stuff and you can see he has a passion for coffee. He ran me through everything from the equipment, different styles of coffee, grinders, how to ‘dial in’ for that perfect espresso and much more. The equipment was commercial quality and it was great to pull loads of different coffees from machines worth a lot of money! I really enjoyed the latte art part of the course, although I’m far from being a master at this.

I would highly recommend this, well worth the money for over 3 and a half hours of 1 on 1 coffee training. He also gave me lots of pointers and recommendations for upgrading my gear and also some great recommendations for coffee shops to visit in and around Edinburgh.

Great day!

David Halliday, Home Barista. Basic Barista Training & Latte Art Gift Voucher

I had a fun afternoon doing one-to-one training with Michael today. He is a great teacher and as well as learning a huge amount I also had fun too. Just book it – don’t even bother looking elsewhere for barista training!  I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in developing new skills in a FUN way.

Dora – a barista in Glasgow improving her skills in latte art. Latte Art Masterclass

I found the basic training with an introduction to Latte Art very helpful indeed and exactly what I expected it to be. I live in Edinburgh and am currently looking for part time work as a barista. Although initially unsure of whether or not the course would help with my employability, afterwards I’m pretty confident that I can make the items on any standard coffee shop menu, as well as a bit more. The course worked for my needs, and Michael was a patient and adept teacher. Definitely worth the time. Cheers.

William, looking to improve chances of gaining work in the coffee industry. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

…”Overall, very happy with the training – think I know what I need to work on now and feel happy that I know how to get the milk ‘right’ and just need to work on the muscle memory to pour nicely. Highly recommended to any other home baristas in the Central Scotland area!” – READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Michael Gallagher, home barista – Fracino Cherub & Quamar M80E. Latte Art Masterclass

Excellent practical advice, training and help to get our La Pavoni machine producing good coffee. Michael was patient, a good listener and ensured we had a good grasp of the fundamentals of coffee making. He advised us to get a good coffee grinder and supplied one, and that was key to producing good results. We very much enjoyed the session and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about this ‘art’. We will use Michael’s company for our coffee equipment needs and look forward to visiting his coffee bar in Edinburgh

Randal and Jennifer Faulkner, home users – La Pavoni Europiccola & Eureka Mignon grinder. Home Training

We had Michael and Fun in a Cup for our wedding and it was incredible. Having good coffee was important to us (and important for all the Americans in the crowd who needed to stay awake after long flights). Everyone who tasted the coffee said it was the best coffee they’d ever had at a wedding, and I maintain that it is the best coffee I’ve had in Scotland!

The coffee stand looked great on the day and matched our decor by being clean and stylish. Knowing that I could have a shot of delicious coffee kept me going throughout the party. I cannot recommend it enough!

Michael Sands, newly Weds from the USA. Events

Thoroughly enoyable evening spent with Michael learning barista skills from a very enthusiatic and knowledgable coffee lover. I recieved this as a gift from my girlfriend and would definitely recommend to any other prospective gift buyers.

Paul, Edinburgh. Basic Barista Training

It was a great evening and I’ve learned a lot. It is really worth it. I was looking for a course to improve my skills in order to find a job but I didn’t know that my coffees were going to get that much better. Thanks Michael!

Enrique, some previous coffee experience but looking to improve in order to gain employment in the industry. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

Michael, thanks so much for a morning’s training that I should have done ten years ago. I’ve been getting decent coffee from my home set-up for a long time but it has just gone up a notch or two and the latte art is getting more and more consistent after putting your techniques and advice into practice. Thanks again, hugely enjoyable and worth every penny.

Robin Scorthorne, home barista looking to refine technique and increase consistency. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

I spent a fun afternoon doing one-to-one training with Michael. He answered all my (sometimes random) questions and infected me with his enthusiasm for a good cup of coffee. By the end of the afternoon I was really enjoying the brew process. I’m hoping to get a barista job locally now, with his training course on my CV!

Claire Innes, looking for part time work in the coffee industry in Edinburgh. Basic Barista Training

Perfect for me with hardly any experience in coffee history or coffee making. I was taught to make an espresso, latte, cappuccino with full fat milk, skimmed milk and soya milk. Learnt how a grinder works, measuring the weight of dry coffee, of “wet coffee” to make the best possible outcome. Every question asked was answered with full insight and all information needed on grinders, coffee machines, coffee beans, roasting and so on was given in a 4 hours course. I will be back for the latte art course asap.

Liselott Moazed, opening her own coffee shop in Malta in 2014. Advanced Barista Training

Hi, I took the Basic Barista course with latte art. I liked that you didn’t only show what to do (like time the espresso-process and weigh it and so on) but also explained why. Another thing that was just great was when you split the espresso into three different cups so you really got to taste what was the first, second and third part of the espresso (or how to explain it). All in all it was a great course by a nice teacher. Thanks.

Klara Hagberg, looking to work in the coffee industry in Edinburgh. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

“Spent a fun morning unraveling the mysteries of the espresso making and all the variations you find in a coffee shop, from Macchiatos to Caffe Lattes. Michael was very patient with me in my introduction to latte art, which was more difficult than I thought. Thank you for an enjoyable morning :)”

Jane MacNaughton, coffee lover. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

“As Café Manager of a Community and Volunteer run Café based in Neilston, ensuring
consistency when making coffees if essential. Michael delivered a fun interactive
course in Barista Refresher course to myself and volunteers.

Content covered a wide range of areas, from setting up the Grinder to achieving
‘love hearts’ on lattes. We are now more confident when producing coffees for our
customers and they are loving our newly found enthusiasm thanks to Fun In A Cup.

Training – highly recommended, and I guarantee you’ll love all coffees from
macchiatos to mocha’s in no time.

We had a great 3 hour training session, and haven’t left the coffee machine since!”

Sara McDonald, Manager of The Bank Cafe, Neilston Development Trust. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

“Due to the purchase of new equipment, I decided to try and get the best from it by
taking some at home training. I had heard of Fun in a Cup and as they were relatively
local decided it would be a good plan.

Michael was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and really got me thinking about
my technique. At the time there is a lot to take in, but the information does sink
in, and it has greatly improved my process for making coffee since.

I would highly recommend any keen amateurs or aspiring coffee shops get in touch and
see how far Michael can take your skills.”

David Crosbie, Home Barista. Home Training

“Awesome course. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about coffee. From roasting, steaming milk to making some of my favourite drinks. Michael was a great teacher. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys coffee. Thanks again for a great day. :)”

Marianna Kovács, Barista/Waitress in Edinburgh. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

“I’m a keen amateur home coffee roaster, grinder, brewer and (mainly) drinker. Having owned my Rancilio Rocky and a couple of Silvia’s for 5 years, it seemed a good time to explore the possibilities of what the kit, and my limited coffee skills could achieve. I spent 3 hours one-to-one with Michael of Fun in a cup training. Michael helped me set up grind, distribution, tamp and temperature surfing for brew and milk-steaming. I came out of the course with a good understanding of the interaction between the many variables of making espresso and milk drinks. Michael is clearly enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and easily able to transfer that knowledge from his head to mine. A very valuable and informative afternoon!”

Derrick Matheson, Home Barista Training

“I’m starting my own cafe business in Australia and was keen to learn the basics of making a good coffee as well having a shot at latte art. Michael makes it looks easy. Trust me, it’s not. It’s going to take a lot of practice, but Michael has given me the perfect base to start from and make my cafe venture a success. The course was excellent and the time flew by. I can’t wait to get started in the shop! Thanks Michael.”

Paul Hoffmann, moving home to Australia to take over a cafe. Basic Barista Training & Intro to Latte Art

“We’ve worked with Michael three times now – once on a consultancy basis prior to opening and twice for barista training sessions. Every time has been a pleasure. The staff enjoy Michael’s relaxed but informative training style and more importantly, as owners, we’ve seen almost instant improvements in their barista skills. Michael’s attitude to coffee quality mirrors our own and this helps us convey this ethos to our staff. We’re looking forward to continue working with Michael in future and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is committed to producing great coffee.”

Barry Thomson, Owner, Espress Oh! Coffee House – Dundee. Staff Barista training tailored to their individual needs. 

“Michael was hired to train staff at the Baby Grand and our sister company Wisdom Coffee. Two trainees were experienced and 2 were relative novices. We felt that he adapted the training perfectly for our needs, going through each coffee that we served, setting the bean grinder and espresso machine so that it dispensed correctly and training staff to troubleshoot faults. The inexperienced staff found the training invaluable and at the end of the 3 hour session they were much more confident and able to make excellent cappuccinos. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to improve their service or starting out as we all felt a real improvement to the coffee that we have been making. Many thanks, I look forward to working with Michael again with more of my staff.”

Matthew Hendry, Manager, The Baby Grand – Glasgow

“We hired Michael for a three hour refresher course. During which he went through all aspects of the coffee making process. His passion for coffee was apparent and that made the whole learning experience even more enjoyable. He guided us on setting our grinder correctly, steaming milk, latte art and general maintenance of our espresso machine. If you are starting a cafe or coffee shop and need guidance or if you feel your coffee making skills need refinement then you should get in touch with Michael. You will enjoy it, feel more confident about the coffee you serve and your customers will notice the difference.”

Tom Ford, Owner of Crumbs of Portobello, Edinburgh.

“I booked Michael from Fun In A Cup to coffee train my staff at three sites. His passion for good coffee was clear, and his enthusiasm infectious on the staff he trained. He worked with them as a group, and individually, and his attention to detail was impressive. My staff are more confident, and notably more competent with all aspects of the coffee process now, and I would highly recommend using Fun In A Cup Training.”

Anthony Winston, MD Deco Coffee Shops

“I was looking for some training in Latte Art from Michael and I was delighted with the results. Using excellent technical and descriptive language he taught me the skills I needed to create patterns and also improved my knowledge of the process of creating latte art and espresso in general. Working through taste and texture I discovered how to create the perfect milk and pouring technique to produce a detailed fern pattern. We also discussed the process and factors contributing towards creating the best shot of espresso. Patient and encouraging, an excellent teacher and a great experience!”

Caroline James, Glasgow (ex-Starbucks employee looking for a greater understanding of the coffee making process)

“Finally a guy who really knows about coffee. Had a great days training from Michael and we can now pour the best espresso, latte, cappuccinos in town. Thanks Michael for your patience, your understanding and sharing the knowledge. Watch out for my latte art now, you’ve got competition! I would recommend Michael to anyone who is truly interested in learning how to make, measure and pour great coffee.”

Dave Moss, Owner of 3 shops in Wick/Thurso

“I received a voucher for Fun in a Cup for Christmas from my son who decided I should no longer say that my coffee making skills were not as good as his. The session with Michael, whose enthusiasm and knowledge of coffee was apparent from the start, was excellent. He has a true aptitude for teaching people imparting the skills he clearly has for coffee making. I have been enthusing about Fun in a Cup ever since and would highly recommend anyone to book a fun and enlightening session with Michael.”

Doreen Skinner, Home Barista, Aberdeen

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