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We’re back up and running!

We’re back up and running!

We just moved premises, but after a bit of a delay, we’re in! Our new studio space is complete and we are accepting bookings again. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused – our move took slightly longer than we’d hoped (should’ve guessed really!)

A couple weeks of painting, plumbing, tidying, cleaning, electrical work, joinery etc, then finally we could get to the fun bit…
























Current equipment list:

  • La Marzocco Linea 1AV
  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 3GR
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 Clima Pro
  • Lincat EB3F Boiler
  • Ohaus Navigators
  • Acaia Pearls
  • Brewista Smart Scale
  • Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle
  • BWT Bestmax Premium Soft

Barista Kit:

  • La Marzocco Precision Baskets (17g)
  • LM Bottomless Portafilter
  • MBK 58.5mm Pro Tamper
  • Rhinowares Latte Art Milk Jugs

Feel free to give us a shout via the form below if you’d like any information on course availability, or booking a bespoke session for yourself, your business or as a gift!

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Back to Basics using the Cafetiere


For the past couple of days I’ve dusted off the cafetiere and been trying out some really long steeps and absolutely loving the results! Here a quick recipe for a 3-cup cafetiere: (credit to MWJB from CFUK for this tip)

  • 16g coarsely ground coffee
  • add 305g water, 1min off the boil, getting all grounds wet
  • pop the lid on and leave it for 15-20mins (trust me)
  • don’t press the plunger down – just pour the first bit away (it’ll be watery) then pour the rest into your mug with the lid in place and stop before any of the grounds start coming out.

You’ll probably notice the grounds have sunk to the bottom of the cafetiere. The idea here is to ensure that you’re extracting your coffee fully. Often a typical 4-min brew isn’t long enough to extract fully and give you the sweetness you’re looking for!

Let us know if you give it a go and what you’re brewing!


I totally forgot to say that it is crucial that you use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. No supermarket charcoal! The coffee I have been using at home this month is HASBEAN‘s KENYA KARUGIRO AB WASHED SL28 which is sadly no longer available as it has ran oot! This coffee was roasted on the 6th February so is now 15 days old & still tastes great. I have the monthly coffee subscription from HASBEAN & love it. A different coffee every month, as fresh as possible and always varied! Highly recommended.



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Gift Vouchers

It’s the 1st of December – can you really afford to wait much longer before starting your Christmas shopping? We started this weekend and it was fairly painless, although we did have to go into a shopping centre. That’s only going to get less and less fun the closer we get to the big day…

2013-06-08 10.16.52

We’ve an easy solution for your coffee loving friends & family members. How about a professional barista skills class using the best commercial espresso machines and grinders, and tastiest coffee in town? It’s a win-win. You hand over the voucher on Christmas Day, they get in touch with us within 6 months and arrange a date to attend. Easy peasy!

We have a few options available now;

One-to-one Training (Edinburgh and Glasgow venues)

Generally our courses are booked individually and training is on a one-to-one basis. This is the most common option for someone looking to learn about coffee. It provides the most value for money as the duration is focused solely on your skills. You learn more in a shorter period of time. Great!

Courses available are;

  • Basic Barista Training (£120 per person)
  • Basic Barista Training including an introduction to Latte Art (£150 per person)
  • Latte Art Masterclass (only for those who are already familiar with espresso, steaming & pouring milk) (£100 per person)

Group Sessions (Edinburgh venue only)

We work closely with the folks at Machina Espresso & have organised a few barista skills classes in their new cafe in Tollcross, Edinburgh across December and Janury. These sessions are aimed at home baristas looking to get a more in-depth look at the processes behind grinders, machines, pulling shots and steaming milk. The sessions are open to 8 people max and we’re running the Espresso Techniques class over two dates in December and January (you can read more info on this HERE).

The group sessions are a bit more wallet friendly, and can be attended as part of a series of courses. In January we’ll be adding Milk to the course list, followed by Latte Art – so if you attend all three you’ll be pulling juicy shots of espresso and topping them with silky stretched rosettas – wow!

We’ll have a mixture of gift vouchers available to pickup in Machina Espresso shortly, but you can order them by popping a short email to, stating;

  • Which course you’d like to buy a voucher for
  • The recipients name
  • The course date if you’re buying a voucher for a specific Edinburgh evening session)

We’ll then confirm these dates and supply payment information (bank transfer or Paypal) and post the voucher out to you the next day – easy!

As always, if you have any questions, do get in touch.

Enjoy your coffee!


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First Edinburgh Course Dates

Sorry to have kept you waiting on these course dates so long, but we’re happy to be able to put some Edinburgh Evening Sessions into the calendar for December and January.

The course running will be Espresso Techniques. It is going to cover;

: The importance of grind quality / consistency / adjustability

: Pairing a grinder to your espresso machine – which factors are important?

: Filter baskets – what’s the difference & can I taste it?

: Tampers – is size & curvature important?

: Dosing / distributing / tamping & why.

: Espresso shots – pulling shots by eye / by volume / by weight using brew ratios

: Basic e61 group head cleaning

Dates will be;

Wednesday 18th December – 7.30 – 9.30pm

Wednesday 15 January – 7.30 – 9.30pm

Cost: £40 / person

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 8 Max

We will supply all coffee and plenty of water to keep those palates fresh!

As Machina Espresso is a supplier of all things coffee related, you will be able to peruse and purchase beans, accessories, machines and grinders on the night if the mood takes you.

Gift vouchers will be available in-store at Machina Espresso. You can also pay in-store or direct to us via bank transfer. Contact us for info how to do this.

To sign up for either of these dates simply pop us your details in an email to including your name, the date you wish to attend and whether it is for yourself or whether a gift voucher is required and we will get back to you to confirm your place. You can do the same in person at Machina if you’re in Edinburgh. Drop into the cafe at;

2 Brougham Place,
Tollcross, EH3 9HW and put your name down.

Any questions, just ask.


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Edinburgh Evening Sessions

Hello coffee lovers!

We are working on running evening sessions in Edinburgh starting in November.

The sessions will be aimed at home baristas, and will cover:

Espresso and milk skills
Latte art
Basic equipment maintenance

The venue is Machina Espresso ( at 2 Brougham Place, Tollcross, EH3 9HW. The shop will be a retail space for all espresso and filter equipment, and will also be open for coffee to drink and to take home, Monday to Sunday.

You will be able to use some of the best domestic machines and grinders on the market to practise these skills. Brands such as Rocket, Expobar, Eureka and Mazzer.

Coffee will be supplied by 3 of our favourite micro-roasters in the UK; Dear Green Coffee Roasters / Caravan / Steampunk.

Each session will be open to 8 people max. Price will be confirmed shortly. If there’s anything in particular that you would like to cover then leave a comment with your suggestion and we’ll try to include it!

These events are going to be perfect Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family. Vouchers will be available for the classes.

Comments and suggestions always welcome below, or if you are intereest

Fun in a Cup Coffee Training

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Training – South Queensferry

I thought I’d post a few pictures from a training session I had recently with Garry Stone, owner of an espresso bar located at Dalmeny Train Station, South Queensferry. The operation is small for sure, but serves a wide range of food, snacks and killer espresso!

Garry is getting his beans from Round Hill Roastery and pulls rich, sweet, bright shots of espresso on his stunning Kees Van Der Westen Mirage & Mahlkonig K30.

Here are some images from the day (taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3 – excuse the quality)

And finally here’s a shot of the Forth Rail Bridge I took on the way home –










Garry’s future plans are very exciting, so watch this space…

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Busy busy!

It’s been very quiet on the blog of late, but that’s all about to change – we have some very exciting news which will be shared shortly but I can tell you that it involves a new training venue, lots of shiny equipment, lots of photographs and maybe even a popup or two!

2013-06-08 10.16.52

2013-06-08 10.10.52

2013-06-04 11.29.50

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Our first feature!


So recently I did some training with David, writer of cafe review blog Grind My Beans. The course was gifted to him by friends for an upcoming birthday and it was a great session. In fact, David enjoyed it so much that he asked if he could write a feature article all about Fun in a Cup – awesome!

I invited David back down to the studio a couple of weeks later, we made some coffee to refresh (test!) David’s memory and took lots of photographs for the article.

You can have a read about David’s training session HERE.

We both then sat down and did the proper interview thing. I told David about my background, how I got into coffee, why I started training and the type of people I work with regularly. We discussed the coffee scene in Glasgow and other cities, and I generally rambled on about other stuff.

You can read the interview HERE.

I found all of this very exciting and feel proud that someone could be so interested in what I do and recommend it on his blog – so a massive thank you to David for spending the time writing it up, taking pictures and drinking loads of coffee (oh, maybe he doesn’t need thanked for that!)

Have a read at the feature and interview, and all the other reviews on the Grind My Beans site!


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McCune Smith – Glasgow

I am just back from a great training session with the staff at McCune Smith (website and social media pages coming soon!). They are a cafe/bistro opening TODAYat 8am!

McCune Smith
They are at 3-5 Duke Street in a beautifully lit cafe serving New York style sandwiches with a Glesga twist! Pop in and see them on their first day for a coffee & some tasty eats! Click Here for a bit about where their name comes from.

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Where Have You Bean All My Life…

… You are probably asking. Well, I could say I’ve been super duper busy exploring realms of coffee never seen by the human eye, or that I’ve been in a caffeine-coma due to excessive intake of so much amazing espresso! Alas, I’m just a rubbish blogger. Sorry to disappoint, but feel free to believe one of the above reasons. I won’t tell anybody.

Lots of stuff has been happening though! The training biz is really kicking off. I wouldn’t say I have people fighting for slots, but I think that having a steady stream of business is more important these days. I think it promotes longevity in what you do and suggests that it’s not just a fad.


Riverhill Coffee Bar

24 Gordon Street
G1 3PU


I have been working with the amazing guys at Riverhill since before they opened in late January. I knew already that they used Dear Green Coffee in their Deli Cafe in Helensburgh, and the rumours of the food they served shouted quality at me. Then Lisa from Dear Green told me they’d ordered not one, but two La Marzocco Lineas accompanied by a trio of Mazzers – a Major Auto, a Mini-E and a Super Jolly, and I thought these guys must be really serious!! Well, they are really serious.






It’s so refreshing and rewarding to be part of establishing and growing a premium coffee offering in the City Centre of Glasgow! I’m very proud of everyone involved and considering the shop is only now in it’s 7th week (at time of writing) the customer base and level of support in general is outstanding! Long may it continue!

Thanks for reading


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Fun in a Cup Coffee Training. On and off-site Barista Training in Scotland!