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Back to Basics using the Cafetiere


For the past couple of days I’ve dusted off the cafetiere and been trying out some really long steeps and absolutely loving the results! Here a quick recipe for a 3-cup cafetiere: (credit to MWJB from CFUK for this tip)

  • 16g coarsely ground coffee
  • add 305g water, 1min off the boil, getting all grounds wet
  • pop the lid on and leave it for 15-20mins (trust me)
  • don’t press the plunger down – just pour the first bit away (it’ll be watery) then pour the rest into your mug with the lid in place and stop before any of the grounds start coming out.

You’ll probably notice the grounds have sunk to the bottom of the cafetiere. The idea here is to ensure that you’re extracting your coffee fully. Often a typical 4-min brew isn’t long enough to extract fully and give you the sweetness you’re looking for!

Let us know if you give it a go and what you’re brewing!


I totally forgot to say that it is crucial that you use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. No supermarket charcoal! The coffee I have been using at home this month is HASBEAN‘s KENYA KARUGIRO AB WASHED SL28 which is sadly no longer available as it has ran oot! This coffee was roasted on the 6th February so is now 15 days old & still tastes great. I have the monthly coffee subscription from HASBEAN & love it. A different coffee every month, as fresh as possible and always varied! Highly recommended.



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